Φίλιππος Στέφανος

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Hi There!

I want to be a physicist. Apart from that I like to do stuff on and off the internet. I create chaos at Nerd2Nerd, play theater and love drinking. It shall be noted that I have a taste for typography and audio content :)

With a passion I study physics at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and specialize in theoretical physics. My main interest lies in high energy particle physics at the moment. Science has always fascinated my and I’m driven by curiosity about the workings of our universe.

You might want to check out Twitter account as I’m the most active there. As you’ll notice, there’s a lot of computery pop culture going on there. Tinkering technology is something I really enjoy doing, that’s why I use Linux On The Desktop™ at it might cause a rage tweet storm from time to time. But generally I think of my self as a nice person and try not to be a dick at times. German hacker culture is a strong one, and I participate a lot in meetings of the Chaos Computer Club and like engaging in the sub culture.

Creating theater is a nice change to physics and technology and a space to reinvent yourself, break out of the ordinary for an instant. I have played a variety of plays since I started amateur acting, both lead and supporting roles (all in German): Currywurst mit Pommes by Frank Pinkus and Nick Walsh (2013/14), Hotel zu den zwei Welten by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (2014), Ein Gemütliches Wochenende by Jean Stuart (2014/15), Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare (2014/15) and Noises Off by Michael Frayn (2015/16).

My name is pronounced /psoʊk/, like spoke with the first two letters switched. But you can also leave the s silent or be very German and say /psɔkə/. Generally do just what ever you want.


When having some time to spare I like to write small pieces of sofware, mostly web. I enjoy Ruby the most, but also do C++, GLSL und PHP. Most of my code can be found on Github, but I also dump small scripts on my server.

These are my most notable and usable (not that anyone would do that kind of thing) projects (not updated for ages means done and absolutely perfect):


A simple TV show tracking web app.


A simple, file-based, markdown-driven blog engine with web interface.

While a lot of my work is open source, the demo scene code is mostly not available to the public. But we usually are happy to share at parties and on kind requests :) My contract work for Department of Mathematics of the University of Würzburg, where I wrote the CMS powering their website, is also closed source. You can spot my code by <meta name="generator" content="mth-cms" />.


Together with some friends I form a demogroup and we mostly do 64k PC intros. That’s 64 kilobytes for three minutes of flashing visuals and dope sound ;)




Blog I do this programmer thing where you write more blogging systems than posts, but here is what I hack into my keyboard for the world to read.

Podcasts I Love A collection and categorization of the podcasts I listen to and recommend trying. There’s a short (german) description as well as recommended first-try episodes.

Cocktails & Bar Everything I have assembled around the art of drinking spirits. From tasting ratings via glassware to own creations.

IRC You can find me as Ps0ke on freenode, hackint or ircnet, but I do host my own server. irc.ps0ke.de:2342. I posted a (german) tutorial on how to run ngircd without root privileges on my blog. Hooray for decentralized infrastructure, even if it’s unreasonable \o/

Pad I run an etherpad-lite server for the public to use. But it is sort of broken and I am not good at server maintenance, sorry. Use it for good, not evil!

Retro Here I have my hold homepages up for nostalgia and ridicule.

Upload Online random file dump. Keep what you find, but promise not to judge.